​Black Cats Can See In The Dark But Are Not Seen

A project by Dinis Machado

with David Cabecinha and Jorge Jácome

Costume collaboration with Ian Mcinnes

Project developped in residency at MDT (Stockholm), Dance4 (Nottingham) and Agora Collective (Berlin)

Produced by Corp and Dance4

Co-produced by Cullberg Ballet in the framework of Life Long Burning supported by the Culture 2013-2018 Programme of the European Union

Project developed with the Grant for the Arts from the Arts Council England

Supported by the internationalization grant of Fundacao Caloust Gulbenkian

Administration: Interim kultur,

Dinis Machado was an associated artist from ZDB/Negócio

Black Cats... comes from my fascination to provisory structures and nomad ways of life. More than a work "about" nomadism I work to construct a nomad performance in itself. The work develops around a provisory set that installs a certain operativity. This scenography will be constructed and destroyed in each performance, generating a choreography of labor and underlining the ephemeral condition of the performative gesture in comparison with the "eternity" of the building that hosts it. The performance as the suspended time in between the rising and the destruction of this provisory place. On stage, three operators work on this process that becomes also a fiction. Around this architectonic gesture that crosses the performance they will physically put together heterogeneous materials creating a dramaturgical density that invites us to another space, through this continuos "doing". In the end of the performance, over the scenic remains, there will be nothing left to see, to keep or to buy... Only this immaterial technique embodied on the agents of this performance through the experience of the daily reconstruction of this space that reenacts this event for the public. They have nothing (to lose). Their patrimony is a certain specific technique.​