a non-mimetic post somatic drag performance

by Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

CONSUBSTANTIATIONis a queer drag performance. Displacing from binary gender and sexual identities the performance works in the creation of an imaginary of a both gender and sexual "in-betweenness" and its embodiment: a human body approaching an object-like gender.

Embracing objecthood as a mandala for a third gender
, a figure enters a simultaneous and paradoxical process of self-objectification and somatic disappearance (cancellation of its subjectivity). Dinis Machado searches for a parallel gender imaginary foreign to the mainstream sedimented pop aesthetics of queer. An exercise of displacement where: glittery costumes give place to processes of hacking the body with geometrical objects of concrete materials;  stylizedchoreographies give place to uncanny movement patterns; pop songs give place to multifarious andblurry identitynarratives sang as a dodecaphonic opera, that produce more of an incomplete fiction than a narrative legitimation of the self. This figure invests in uncanny conditionings and deformations of its body, finding in materiality, geometry, and plasticity a process of questioning the body in its self-anthropomorphicrepresentation and like that reclaiming a body of a queer materiality: that refuses to perform linear heterosexuality, maleness and anthropomorphism, and refuses paradoxically also to abandon it.

original music by Birt Berglund (SE) 
 Radio Theatre sound work by  Eva Staaf (SE) 
Voices by Rachel Tess (SE/US), Mariana Suikkanen Gomes (SE/BR) and Dinis Machado
Pregnancy experience testimonies by Elisabete Finger (BR/DE) and Hanna Kangassalo (SE/FI) 
Astrological chart reading by Irina Ponieman (AR)
Outside eyes Vicky Malin (UK), Jorge Gonçalves (PT/DE), Kate Marsh (UK), Mandi Tiukkanen (SE/FI)
One day outside eyes Catherine Hoffmann (UK), Gareth Cutter (UK), Flora Wesllesley Wesley (UK)

A production by BARCO (SE)
Coproduced by Weld (Stockholm, SE), METAL (Peterborough, UK), Dance4 
(Nottingham, UK) and CND Centre National de la Danse (Paris, FR)

Created in residency at PACT Zollverein (DE), O Espaço de Tempo (PT), METAL (Peterborough, UK) , Dance4(Nottingham, UK), Vitlycke - Centre for Performing Arts (SE), MARC (SE), Weld (SE), CND Centre National de la Danse (FR) and Mira Artes Performativas (PT) | With the Support ofKulturrådet (SE), Konstnärsnämnden (SE), Stockholmstad (SE) and Arts Council England (UK)

21, 23, 24 Feb // Weld // Stockholm,SE
1 Mar 2018 // METAL // Peterborough, UK
3 Mar 2018 // Chisenhale // London, UK
14>15 Apr 2018 // NAVE // Santiago, Chile
25 May 2018 // Skissernas Museum // Lund, SE
19 Jul 2018 // Backlit // Nottingham, UK
3 Aug 2018 // JUNTA Festival // Teresina, BR
2 Nov 2018 // FIDANC Festival // Évora, PT