Photos by Vera Marmelo

​Dinis Machado by Dinis Machado
A performance by Dinis Machado (1987-) based on Dinis Machado (1930-2008)

Rehearsal assistance by Inês Vaz

Consultancy by Rui Catalão

I started this project with the work of my homonym. I started from this coincidence in the search of its meaning. Seeking the limit of dramaturgical compilation, beyond loyalty or instant iconoclast attack. An appropriation that seeks to potentiate the figure and the present moment, perhaps the performer. A slow reconciliation with what has been said, with what we have seen and what imposes itself on our individual or collective memory as a reference. The calming acceptance that we are part of a continuous speech that refers to a remote beginning a few thousand years from us.

A project by Corp. Created in residency at NEC, ZDB/Negócio and Edificio - Forum Danca/O Rumo do Fumo

with the support Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian e Pedras e Pêssegos