A performance by Dinis Machado

Costume by Mariana Sá Nogueira

Dramaturgical advice by Jose Capela

Rehearsal assistency by Raquel André

A project by Corp.

Created in residency at Teatro Taborda

with the support Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian

Drama [by José Capela]

"Even though it's composed by a series of narratives, or a serial narrative, the performance establishes on the first place a situation. A man inhabits a room with the ease of one who inhabits his own home. He acts in a rhythm without eloquence: neither exciting nor contemplativea - a rhythm that is not the one of the eficiency of the performance. He fulfills tasks. But not the ones usual in a domestic routine. The domestic objects in the room (a table, a bathtub, a mirror...) are used to create several suicide scenes; scenes in which he places himself, aiming to shoot his image with a camera. He acts as if he was in a studio. The "naturality" of his actions serves a purpose as artificial as the consecutive scenic assembling of his own death. Hardly a suicide portrayal could be more artificial and, therefore, more de-afected. The theatrical resources are reduced to their most schematic and less believable condition. Only from this assumption can one establish an emotional relationship with the performance. Beyond that which regards the metaphor around the authorship: that is the situation set up by the performance.


Joao Carneiro in EXPRESSO

"The purpose of the show is to let us see a mainly conceptual question - How to distinguish what is real from what is fictional. Wisely, Dinis Machado, author and performer, remember us that it is a difficult distinction that oblige us to admit, for example, that the processes of fiction production are not able to be distinguished from the ones that permit us to describe the real; and that "real" and "fictional" are not a method of dividing the world as clear as it may seem, even if in the end we may need to do this distinction somehow, in order to avoid living in a kind of involuntary hallucination. To be in a room where public comes in, to hang himself, to drug himself, to kill himself with a gunshot, to put himself inside a bathtub and to film all this scenes tells us about the construction of fictions, that we recognize as such because we relate them with the real, and tells us also about the reality of the theatrical construction we are witnessing. Dramaturgy is a pertinent description of what happens every-time someone does a show or tells a story, for example."