Out In Space

(Experiences on Autonomy)

A performance series by Dinis Machado
Project developed within the research context of the Choreography MA at DOCH

With coaching by 

Jefta Van Dinther and Frederic Gies

"Dinis Machado is interested in the ability of the body to experience space. It is as if he, with his whole body, is trying to create another room, independently of the actual room we find ourselves in here and now. A room just as imaginary as it is tangible for him. "[Thomas Olsson in Nummer SE]
Out in Space (Experiences on Autonomy) is a series of four short pieces with a duration in between 6 to 10 min each.
In my previous works, performers constructed and maintained spaces, that were scenic mechanisms, through a deep (civic) engagement with the ecosystems that every performance proposed. This duty of maintenance allowed them to project their utopias there.
This work adapted to a new context of production that became also dramaturgical - a need to not depend on the context. Basically, space, as something that envelopes and hosts an event disappeared, being substituted by “islands”, as delimited (eco)systems constituted by groups of objects as groups of bodies.
Like children convert an old coca-cola can into a car, an ashtray, or a bird... I put things together that react as proto-alchemical figures - like foetuses or galaxies - silently very alive and floating in the space that hosts them. And most of all infinitely potential.
I built this practices searching for some strange organicity that would allow me to propose this systems as possible artificial ecosystems. An exercise of integrating different precarious constellations of objects and then inhabiting the territory created by them, embodying this universes.
I developed this performances through the entropic circles of someone that enunciates to understand or to create a world.