Practicing Paradigm​

Created by Dinis Machado in collaboration with Swedish musicians Hanna Kangassalo, Erik Sjölin and Robert Tenevall, and dance collaborator Vicky Malin, Practicing Paradigm invites audiences to enter an evolving space of a fictional folklore composed by rituals, dances, songs and artifacts.

The original stage performance of Paradigm develops from a body conditioned by a structural costume, a specific space, the interaction with objects, the visualization of images and the embodiment of narratives.

in PRACTICING PARADIGM ​Dinis takes out all the material environment of the performance and works exclusively with his body. Without their sources, movements that had a functional nature become now transformed into an abstract but concrete dance of weight, pressure, touch and vibration.

PRACTICING PARADIGM existed in it's genesis as a one month installation at Lace Market Gallery and after that it is touring as a one hour performance .

Originally at Lace Market Gallery Dinis invited his collaborator Vicky Malin to join him to work on the re-imagining of the practices and scores of Paradigm. Vicky recreated this performance through scores Dinis had previously produced, and with drawings, objects and texts. Dinis, testing the ideas of whether personal identities affect the way we read and retell stories, relearned the score recreated by Vicky.

Dinis has also invited video artist James Hissett to accompany this process, producing weekly documentation material of the development of this artistic adventure.