BARCO / Dinis Machado

Site Specific For Nowhere
A performance by Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

Performance originally commissioned by Material Fatigue / Norbergfestival 2017 curated by Frida Sandström (SE) and Aleksei
Borisionok (BY)

Alta Art Space @ Intonal Picnic // Malmö, SE // 12 Ago 2017
Norberg Festival // Norberg, SE // 29 Jul 2017

Dinis Machado revisits a series of practices from his previous works where he explores materialist ideas of citizenship. Machado explores a spiral structuralist revisitation of walking and standing activities where stepping is multiplied and unfolded into a densified activity, some kind ofhiper
active restatement of being here, belonging here, as a material event more then a conceptual truth. A gesture that becomes an activity. From stepping into an anarchist dance that unfolds a blurry uncanny identity. This quite pedestrian activity developed into a dance or a ritual where movement dwells and maps sets of relations with a space where the performance is happening. A site specific for nowhere. A performance that can happen in any space not because it ignores it but because it lives of its encounter with it. The performance exists of an early history with this space that is drawn through the performance in a continuous process of dwelling. A paradoxical gesture of autonomy and inscription. A movement that exists within the body while grounding in its
context. Claiming to be here stops being a rhetorical argument to become an irrefutable evidence.